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The Author Tries Pen Art

I, the author, have tried Pen art.

It was done on A5 150GSM Acid free paper on a moving train between Melbourne and Gippsland in Victoria, Australia, in 2017.

I am getting slightly less crap at this, and will stick to writing, which I am getting much less crap at very fast (according to experience, coming back to things after months or even years, and some risks to ego.)

This art is available to buy as an NFT here (It is the Opensea Marketplace using the Polygon network, and so you can buy directly using fiat currency or credit card if you wish, without having to buy cryptocurrency). If you buy it, you get to tell me what to do with this copy (but I suggest leaving it here for authenticity verification - you will still own it.) I will add a post to this blog indicating who the current official owner is.

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